EasyLink Staff are great and very responsive. We host a lot of events in our office and our attendees depend on our wireless network for our numerous events. For several months before Easylink, we’ve had several wireless challenges and we had a number of times failed to meet the wireless needs of event attendees.

Easylink proposed a cost effective wireless solution, deployed a rock solid enterprise wireless system and our issues disappeared. We’ve doubled our event capacity and we have had several events now without a single wireless issues.


When I started my small business, My phone system was mainly for receiving calls without much features despite the fact that we paid a lot every month. Easylink gave us a proposal which we did not believe was possible.

Now we are saving 40% of our phone bills every month. Our phone system is no more just for calls, but we can advertise our products through it. Our offices are linked together and we can call any location as internal calls. Our phone system now work for us and we see it as an essential part of our marketing tool.